About Us

Profile & History


Founded on time-proven methodologies, Lubrik Construction Company Ltd. is a Nigerian corporation that specializes in design, building and development of infrastructure, oil & gas facilities and marine structures, boasting a diversified portfolio across the construction spectrum.

Our People


Our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our sustainability and productivity. At Lubrik, we have a diverse workforce of over 3,500 experienced personnel who contribute to our competitive advantage.

mission & vision

We strive to execute every project based on a shared vision of superior quality, leading innovation and flawless professionalism, while optimizing customer experience and working towards sustainable, highly efficient and future-ready communities.

We, at Lubrik, envision a world where we continue to expand across the map, helping to leverage our resources locally and internationally and maximize our potential as contractors.


The health and safety of our workers is of paramount concern to us. At all times, the emphasis is on providing a safe work environment and mitigating risks associated with engineering and construction. Our Health and Safety Plan is an in-depth document that establishes the safest conditions in most work-related circumstances. It comprises the policy of training and re-training staff to be prepared for any possible situation. We ensure that all workers have a clear understanding of their responsibility along with that of the company.


Lubrik is fully committed to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Act of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA.

We work to deliberately add and create value in-country, via capacity building of locals, technology transfer programs, technology mentorship programs, increasing physical operational presence and investment in Nigeria.